Accreditation - State of Michigan Periodic Review

Michigan Technological University

2008-2009 Title II Report

Mission: We prepare students to create the future.

Teacher Preparation Programs: Every education student at Michigan Technological University (MTU) is required to obtain an academic major and minor in his or her chosen field of study. In nearly every case, the rigor and major program are the same as that of the non-education majors. In addition, students at Michigan Technological University gain a wide range of real-world, practical classroom experiences that prepare them for the realities of the modern, technologically oriented classroom. This dedication to content and method means that our graduates have the knowledge to successfully begin a teaching career. The Division of Teacher Education program, in cooperation with the academic departments, provides professional course work in secondary teacher preparation for persons receiving either the Bachelor of Science degree in chemistry, physics, biology, geology, mathematics, computer science, social studies, economics, or engineering or a Bachelor of Arts in English.

Admission Requirements: Candidates desiring admission to secondary teacher certification programs must apply to the Division of Teacher Education and maintain a 2.5 G.P.A. Application is usually made during their junior year. For undergraduate students, the recommendation for admittance comes from the Dean of Students. Postgraduate students seeking admittance must submit 2 letters of recommendation. In addition, all applicants must complete the Conviction Statement form authorizing release of all records and information pertaining to any and all convictions.

Accreditation: The North Central Association of Colleges and Schools accredits Michigan Technological University, the State of Michigan's Periodic Review/Periodic Evaluation program and Teacher Education Accreditation Council (TEAC) accredits the Department of Education. The State Teacher Certification Board/Michigan State Board of Education approves all of the university's teacher preparation programs.

Teacher Education Vision:

The professional education programs at Michigan Technological University are committed to the integration of a strong content preparation with effective pedagogical skills designed to optimize classroom learning for all students. Our commitment to both a strong content knowledge base and effective pedagogy is grounded in the basic notion that quality teacher preparation is the responsibility of the academic disciplines, the Division of Teacher Education, cooperating schools, and, the entire University community. At Michigan Technological University, teaching teachers is about cooperation.

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Michigan Test for Teacher Certification

Annual Institution Report

Program Year: 2008-2009

Process date: 02-09-10 16:33:55
Institution: 192 - Michigan Tech. University
Number of Program Completers: 13
Test Field/Category Institution Statewide
Number Tested Number Passed Pass Rate Pass Rate
Basic Skills
Reading 12 12 100% 100%
Math 12 12 100% 100%
Writing 12 12 100% 100%
Aggregate 12 12 100% 100%
Academic Content Areas
017 Biology 4 -- -- 100%
018 Chemistry 1 -- -- 100%
007 Economics 1 -- -- 100%
002 English 2 -- -- 100%
094 Integrated Science (Secondary) 3 -- -- 100%
022 Mathematics (Secondary) 3 -- -- 100%
019 Physics 1 -- -- 100%
084 Social Studies 5 -- -- 100%
Aggregate 20 20 100% 100%
Other Content Areas
050 Computer Science 1 -- -- 100%
Aggregate 1 -- -- 100%
Summary Totals and Pass Rate 12 12 100% 100%

"--" indicates "Number Passed" and "Pass Rate" not shown because "Number Tested" is less than 10.

The information contained herein is confidential and must not be disclosed to unauthorized persons. Appropriate safeguards must be implemented to protect against improper disclosure of this information.

This information is intended to be used only for the purpose of federal and state reporting requirements. It is NOT intended to be used for employment decisions, college admission screening, or any other purpose.

Important: Do NOT use this report to revise your program completer information. Use your program completer worksheet.

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